OK, so close your eyes. Imagine this. You’re standing outside the Colosseum in Rome, one of the world’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring attractions. Just take in the history, the warm breeze, the borderline frantic but exciting Italian atmosphere, the smells coming from nearby restaurants of freshly cooked pizza dough, rich bolognese and garlic focaccia. Then, from the corner of your eye you see a street vendor. He’s selling lasagne, so you go over and you buy a piece. This is the moment. This is your taste of that famous Italian food that the world adores.

But it’s not. It’s soggy. It’s terrible quality. It’s been sitting out for far too long in the hot sun. It’s a horrible disappointment.

This is exactly what happened to our head chef. An Italian native, he knew that there shouldn’t be any compromise on the quality of food just because it’s left the kitchen. So the concept of Tony2Go was born. Tony2Go’s menu is inspired by the Frosinone province, south east of Rome. Known for its amazing food and world-class ingredients, it’s the perfect recipe for Italian takeaway perfection.

Working with Fabio Campoli, one of Italy’s leading celebrity chefs, our team spent six months developing our recipes, perfecting the flavours and making sure that every single dish on our menu is not only mind-blowing but that it also travels well. Our ethos is that simple. We don’t even entertain cooking a meal that doesn’t arrive on your plate at home exactly as it would in one of our Tony Macaroni restaurants. That’s why we only do lasagne and not other pastas. Other types of pasta can suffer terribly when they travel. No soggy pasta, and no compromise.

No compromise on quality doesn’t mean limiting choice. Tony2Go has a staggering 30 mouthwatering pizzas on the menu. From the classic Margherita to the Champion BBQ (World Champion Pizza 2016), every single pizza we make is, in our quality-obsessed opinion, perfect.

So what’s the secret of pizza perfection? Apart from using only world-class ingredients, it’s all about the dough.

Not all dough is created equal. Tony2Go has designed our dough to be lighter, crispier and tastier than anything else out there. Focusing on maximising taste, the quality of the ingredients in the topping shine through as the dough is thin to make sure it’s easily digestible. With no preservatives and no additives, our dough is always freshly made and never frozen.

And we’ve not even started talking about the meticulous planning, testing and perfecting that we’ve put into our selection of starters, sides and desserts, Try them all. We promise a taste sensation.

Frankly, Tony2Go is just Mama Marvellous.