Our Ingredients

Tony2Go wouldn’t dream of using anything less than world-class ingredients in all our dishes. We use premium tomatoes, fresh seafood, succulent marinated, roasted and hand-sliced chicken, real mozzarella and Italian spicy salami to name but a few. They’re handpicked. They’re constantly reviewed to make sure they’re the very best. They’re delicious.

Let’s talk pizza. Tony2Go has specifically designed our pizza bases to be lighter, crispier and tastier than anything else out there. Focusing on maximising taste, we make sure the quality of the ingredients in the topping shine through so you taste the toppings – and don’t spend all your time munching through dough.

But it’s not just about pizza. Every single dish on our menu is lovingly crafted from the very best ingredients, and we are constantly making sure it stays that way.

Each of our suppliers is selected because they have the tastiest, freshest product. Simple. We taste test everything. Yes, it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it.

We use Laquone flour as the main ingredient of our pizza dough. Our exclusive method of slow deviation from 72 to 96 hours in a strictly controlled temperature ensures nothing less than pizza perfection.

Our premium tomatoes are sourced from Italy, only because we believe them to be second to none. Our pizza sauces and our lasagnes would suffer tremendously with anything less than the best, and that’s not a risk we’re willing to take.

Our dairy from our milk to our cheese, is sourced from Graham’s Dairy. It’s Scottish, it’s fresh, it’s delicious, it’s creamy and the supply is right on our doorstep. You can’t beat it, which is why we use it.